{ Process }

{ 1. Choose a Design }

The rental process is relatively easy. You simply choose one of the pre-designed wedding cakes from Iowa Rent-A-Cake’s collection. Cakes can be modified (with limitations) to compliment your wedding décor and personal taste. Iowa Rent-A-Cake provides an extensive inventory of sugar paste flowers, leaves, shells, snowflakes, ribbons, trimmings, bows and linens that you can select from to adorn your cake with; you can also provide your own decorations. Inquiries for custom made rental cakes are considered; it depends if your design may be one that Iowa Rent-A-Cake would like to add to their collection.

{ 2. Sample the Cakes }

At the consultation we will provide a tasting package for you to take with you. Iowa Rent-A-Cake bakes moist and tender sheet cakes full of flavor to share with your guests. While your wedding cake is taking center stage at the party the sheet cakes are behind the scenes being cut and plated. This allows your centerpiece to be on display longer and a smoother service of serving cake to your guests. You may be asking “what about the cake cutting ceremony?” … Iowa Rent-A-Cake would never ignore that sweet tradition! The cakes have a hidden compartment in them where a piece of real cake will be placed for you and your spouse to share with each other during the photo moment. After the ceremonial cake cutting the wedding cake is wheeled behind the scenes and the sheet cakes are ready to be served.

{ 3. Reserve the Cake }

At the time of your booking Iowa Rent-A-Cake requires a rental fee. This ensures that your cake is available on your wedding date. The remaining balance of your order and a $250.00 damage deposit are due 2 weeks prior to your event.

{ 4. Pick up or Deliver }

You have the option of picking up the rental cake order the day before the event from our studio or hiring our services to deliver and set up.

{ 5. Return }

After the festivities, the rental cake needs to be returned to us on the pre-arranged date. We charge a late fee of $25.00. If the cake is received in good condition your entire deposit is refunded. Slight damage to the cake will result in a portion of the deposit being forfeited to cover repair costs. If the cake is damaged beyond repair, the deposit is forfeited.