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Renting a cake can save you money in many circumstances. However, there are trade-offs to renting a cake verses having a conventional wedding cake made for you. The following lists why you may find it beneficial:

-Cost Effective

4 Tier Fondant Wedding Cake
200 Servings @ 4.25 per serving
Cost = $850


4 Tier Fondant Rental Cake
Rental @ $175.00
200 Servings of sheet cake
(4 sheets @ $60.00 each)
Cost = $415.00
Savings of $435.00

Additional savings may include no cake cutting fees by venue/caterer and no delivery fees if order is picked up

-Easily cut and a polished plate presentation

-You love the look of fondant but not the taste, texture or price

-You're not a fan of cake and prefer to serve a dessert buffet but still desire a wedding cake for display purposes and the ceremonial cake cutting

-Less wastage of cake

-Your caterer’s price includes dessert

-You're having a smaller reception but prefer a grand centerpiece

-You're having a larger reception and are dealing with budget constraints

-You're having an outdoor event; rental cakes are the perfect solution because they are unaffected by the weather as long as they are sheltered from direct moisture

-You prefer to show off your beautiful centerpiece longer for guests to ooh and aah over

{ FAQ }

Where are you located?
Our studio is located in Baxter, Iowa; 30 miles northeast of Des Moines. We are available by appointment only.

Where do you deliver to?
Can we pick up the cake from your studio?
We deliver statewide … transportation fees are calculated per mile round trip from our studio to the reception location and will be quoted 3 weeks prior to the event. You may also choose to pick up the rental cakes; they travel exceptionally well if you follow the proper handling instructions.

Will you design a custom made rental cake for me?
It depends. Your design may be one we would like to add to our expanding collection. Generally speaking we only rent pre-designed cakes. Let’s talk!

Do you provide real tiered wedding cakes?
We will consider creating a real cake if your wedding date is during off season and our schedule allows it.

Do you provide birthday cakes, graduation cakes and the like?
Sorry, we do not make occasional cakes at this time. We specialize in wedding event cakes.

Can you explain why some bakeries charge the same or sometimes more for a Styrofoam cake?
In a simple answer, you are buying a cake verses renting the cake with most bakeries. The labor and material to construct and design a custom made Styrofoam cake is comparable to a real cake, plus additional cakes need to be purchased to serve your guests. Iowa Rent-A-Cake is capable of offering you an affordable designer cake because their costs are spread out with the number of rentals.

Why rent a cake?
Renting a wedding cake is a simply sensible and affordable option for a designer cake.

Can I use my own decorations?
Absolutely, however, Iowa Rent-A-Cake prefers to have the decorations provided to us. To avoid any possible damage to the cake we will embellish your wedding cake with the ribbons, trimmings, cake jewelry and/or cake toppers.

Can I use monogram cake picks in the rental cakes?
Cake picks may be used on limited designs. One pick only in center of top tier.

Can I use fresh flowers on the cake?
Unfortunately no, the moisture from the flowers damages the fondant coating on your cake rental.

Can I rent the display cake and purchase sheet cakes elsewhere?
Unfortunately, we don't want our name associated with a cake someone else made. Our hard-earned reputation is on the line!

What about the cake cutting ceremony?
In order for the bride and groom to perform the traditional cake cutting during their reception, a small compartment has been cut into the back of the bottom tier of the rental cake to hold a real piece of cake for them to share.

Will my cake look like it has been rented before?
With each rental, Iowa Rent-A-Cake does a thorough makeover to repair any damages that may have occurred, modifies the design if the client requests so, inserts a new protective lining in the hidden compartment where the real cake is placed and decorates this section. If you desire, we will happily send you a picture of your wedding cake prior to your event.

How far ahead do we need to book our wedding cake?
During the peak season it is advised to book 3 to 6 months in advance, however, we can accommodate as late as 24 hours before the event. Once the rental fee, signed contract, and design confirmation has been received your rental cake and wedding date is reserved for you.

What if the cake is damaged?
If the repairs are minimal and easily repairable (pin holes, dents, etc…), a fee may not apply. Slight damage to the cake will result in a portion of the deposit being forfeited to cover repair costs. If the damage is extensive, the deposit is forfeited.

Do you rent cakes in the event of a cake disaster?
Absolutely, just give us a call, we are more than happy to help.

{ Pricing }

Rental cake fee (Reserves your wedding date as well
-3 tier $150.00
-4 tier $175.00
-5 tier $200.00

-Includes your choice of decorations from Iowa Rent-A-Cake’s inventory
-Additional charges for specialty sugar paste décor and specific designs will apply

Sheet cake
-Starting at $60.00 per sheet
-Our sheet cakes are 2 layers of cake held together by your choice of filling (additional $10.00) or buttercream
-Serving 48 guests

-Transportation fees are calculated per mile round trip from our studio to the reception location
-Charges are determined 3 weeks prior to your event

-Final balance of order is due 2 weeks prior to your event
-Iowa Rent-A-Cake accepts personal checks and money orders

Rental cake damage deposit
-A $250.00 damage deposit is due 2 weeks prior to your event
-The deposit will be refunded promptly after the undamaged cake is safely returned

Late fee
-There will be a $25.00 fee assessed for late return of rental cake