{ Welcome to Iowa Rent-A-Cake! }

Iowa Rent-A-Cake (formerly known as Shelly's Country Cakes) was created with the wedding couples in mind. Founder, Shelly Irwin, owner and artist listens and understands their desire for a affordable designer wedding cake. Our studio, located near Des Moines, Iowa, designs cake art that can be rented for the day.

Iowa couples now can capture a showpiece wedding cake that fits into their budget. With today’s economic uncertainty many couples are creatively planning their dream wedding and are looking for cost affective alternatives. They are no longer limited to a smaller display cake or inferior quality cakes … renting a cake could be their least expensive option – and the tastiest.

Rental cakes are made of a foam base covered with sugar fondant icing. They are designed to look like real cakes with the same artistry and attention to details. With an Iowa Rent-A-Cake couples can have a beautiful centerpiece, honor the cake cutting ceremony and serve delicious side cakes to share with their guests all at a fraction of the cost to a comparable conventional cake.

Wedding cake rental is a fairly new trend and is gaining popularity across the country. Start a new tradition with renting a wedding cake!

Email Shelly at shelly@iowarentacake.com to discuss your options. We take your needs and wishes into consideration and strive to making your cake the talk of the party.

{ About the Artist }

Designer, Shelly Irwin, is a trained pastry chef and Culinary Arts graduate with 25 years of passionate experience in cake artistry. This culinary pro has been providing central Iowa wedding couples with custom wedding cakes since her company, Shelly’s Country Cakes launched in 2000. Her creations range from the simple streamlined cakes to innovative cakes with cool, modern twists. In 2009 Shelly introduced cake art rentals for the budget conscious couple. Because of client requests, we are now fully dedicated to the services of Iowa-Rent-A-Cake. Quality craftsmanship, melt in your mouth flavors and warm professional service are the foundation ingredients that Shelly proudly has built her reputation on.